Hope by Rhian Ivory

“I climb up and lean over the ferry rail, looking down into the grim, grey sea. I’ve ruined everything.”

Hope Alone

When Hope fails her audition to get into drama college in Dublin, she has no back up plan. It seems all her friends are sorted and that Hope is alone. We join Hope for the summer between school and sixth form college as she struggles to control her anger, manage her grief for her father and regain her lost confidence.

During the course of the book, Hope gains new perspective through the people she meets. Riley is a chance encounter on the ferry back from Dublin who likes Hope and is keen to keep in touch with her. Their texts are a key part of the story and a wonderful insight into how Hope is doing. There’s also Pryia. Hope meets her while volunteering to help the Singing Medicine Team her mum’s set up at the local hospital. Pryia recognises something of herself in Hope, but it’s up to Hope to decide whether she has the courage to accept herself for who she is.

A Beautiful and Unique Read

Hope gifts the reader with the poetry and complexities of real life. As with her previous book The Boy who Drew the Future, Rhian Ivory takes a full cast of characters and allows each and every one to shine in their own way, from Hope herself to her mum, her granddad, and right through to the children she meets in the hospital. We get to know Hope and her world so well that we are able to go deeper and really understand and appreciate her story. The only rub here is that we miss her all the more when the book ends.

Hope: a beautiful and unique read and a must for fans of contemporary YA fiction.



Thanks so much to Firefly Press for sending me this wonderful book!